Josiah Kenpo Karate (JKK) is a studio dedicated to teaching effective self defense techniques to both children and adults on the upper east side of Manhattan. In particular, Josiah Kenpo teaches American Kenpo Karate in the style of Ed Parker (considered the founder of American Kenpo). Beyond standard techniques and methods, lessons are shaped to the abilities and needs of individual students.The studio itself is located on the upper east side of Manhattan and intends primarily to serve students in the same vicinity. Students occasionally move to other locales but return to the upper east side for continued training. Established in 1999, JKK was formed around the ability of head instructor Melford Josiah Brooks to locate and teach students in the style of American Kenpo Karate. Mr. Brooks is currently a second degree black belt in the art and has been studying, competing, and teaching for over 20 years.

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